Monthly Awards

       AFCEA Hawaii presents five monthly awards from January through October.

  • Student of the Month 

    • (Award is not presented during months when schools are not in session).

  • Senior Government Leader of the Month

  • Executive of the Month

  • Young AFCEAN of the Month

  • AFCEAN of the Month

     During the first two weeks of every month, the AFCEA Hawaii Vice President for Awards (VP Awards) will solicit nominations from the membership for the above awards. The VP Awards will forward the list of nominees  to the Chapter Officers and Board of Directors to complete the  selection process, voting to be completed prior to the end of the month.

     The AFCEA Hawaii membership will be able to nominate candidates for the selected awards, except for Student of the Month.  Nominations are entered via the AFCEA Hawaii website with:

The nominator’s contact information

The nominee’s contact information, to include title and company/division name.

A short statement supporting the nomination;

     Current members of the AFCEA Hawaii Executive Committee (Board of Directors and Officers) are not eligible for nomination.

     Although individuals may be nominated as often as warranted by as many members as possible, no one candidate will be selected for a specific award more than once in a calendar year.  The VP Awards will announce the winners at the Monthly Officers’ Meeting prior to the Monthly Luncheon.

     The winners will be contacted and asked for a short bio and the names of their guests who will also be invited to the luncheon where the awards will be presented.   Should any of the winners not be able to attend the luncheon, the awards will be announced and presented at a later luncheon.


                **Nomination Winner’s one guest attends luncheon at no charge**

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